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Students must email or send written notification to their counselor of their intent to withdraw from a course before the registration date of subsequent classes, and pay a $100 withdrawal fee. Any student who does not state in writing their intent to withdraw and does not attend that class, will be billed for that class according to the Refund Policy. For online courses, students who do not log into their course within the first 8 days will be administratively withdrawn from that course and be subject to the University refund policy and a $100 withdrawal fee. Also, students who do not participate in the course for 2 consecutive weeks will be withdrawn from the course and be subject to the withdrawal fee.

A student who completes the official withdrawal process will have charges for tuition refunded based on the percentage of the session that has not been completed, if withdrawal is prior to the 60% point of the session. Financial aid awarded will be returned based on the same percentage. Outside scholarships or non-federal loan assistance will remain on the studentís account unless the provider specifically requested a refund should the student withdraw.

A student who does not go through the official withdrawal process will be deemed to have attended through the mid-point in the session, unless the last date of attendance can be documented. Charges and financial aid will be adjusted accordingly, up to the 60% point in the session. After the 60% point no refund will be granted nor will financial aid be reduced for any withdrawal. The portion of the session completed is based on calendar days from the first day of the session through the last scheduled day, including weekends and mid-semester breaks of less than five days.

For any questions regarding these policies, call Student Accounts at 1.866.786.2792.

Transfer Credit Policy for Management and Differentiated Instruction emphases

Please visit for documents require d at the time of admissions.

I understand that withholding information requested on this application or giving false information will make me ineligible for admission to Graceland University or subject to dismissal. I also understand that the submission of fraudulent academic records by a student for undergraduate admission, transfer of credit, or any other purpose shall be cause for dismissal from the University. I certify that the information given in this application is complete and accurate, and if admitted, I agree to comply with the regulations of the University.

PLEASE NOTE: Other admission requirements, as listed in the university catalog, must be met before your application is considered complete.


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Graceland University does not discriminate against any student or prospective student on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. We are a caring community dedicated to the physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being of each individual. Gracelanders join together to create an atmosphere of openness, mutual respect and diversity.